2019 Interim Meetings

The Tax Restructuring and Equalization Task Force held several Open House events around the State.    These open houses were in response to the bill proposed last session to broaden the sales tax base in the State.  The purpose of the open house events was to define the problem that exists at the State level, and to receive public feedback, possible solutions and concerns.  

The Association made comments at these events.  We encourage representatives from districts, board members and/or managers, who share concerns to carefully follow this issue and communicate with your legislators.  Communications should be respectful.  

The concerns of many districts include the following items.

1-  The possible taxation of government services, such as water, in any final solution to tax restructuring and equalization.

2-  The concern that if water or other government services are taxed, districts will be forced to raise taxes and/or fees upon their citizens to pay for such a new tax, with no corresponding increase in service level.  With current budgets being tight and resources limited, there is concern about the possibility of having to raise fee/taxes on local citizens to pay for a state sales tax.

3-  The possible economic impact of such a taxation policy if implemented upon economic growth.

4-  The the possible "ripple effect" of any final solution upon the financial soundness of districts/local governments throughout the State.

Interim Committee Schedules

The next 2019 Interim Legislative Committee meetings will be held during the week of October 14th.  Interim day will be on October 16th.  Committee agendas may be viewed by clicking on the appropriate links below.  Links will be activated as meeting agendas are posted. 

Interim Committee Meeting Agendas

Agendas for Tuesday, October 15th Interim Committee Meetings

Legislative Water Development Commission

Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Environmental Quality Appropriations Subcommittee


Agendas for Wednesday, October 16th Interim Committee Meetings

Revenue and Taxation Interim Committee


Political Subdivisions Interim Committee


Government Operations Interim Committee


Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Environment Interim Committee


Transportation Interim Committee


Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Interim Committee

Public Utilities, Energy, and Technology Interim Committee

Business and Labor Interim Committee


Economic Development and Workforce Services Interim Committee


Health and Human Services


Judiciary Interim Committee


 Legislative Management Committee

 Subcommittee on Oversight


Agendas for Thursday, October 17th Interim Committee Meetings

Retirement and Independent Entities Interim Committee

Federalism Commission