2020 General Legislative Session

Utah State Legislature

The 2020 General Session of the Utah State Legislature will continue through midnight on Thursday, March 12th.   It is most important to stay engaged and involved in the process.  We encourage your involvement by visiting with legislators who represent your citizens and your district, helping them to know of and better understand your district, what services your district provides, and respond to any questions or concerns that they may have.

We invite, encourage and welcome the involvement of all districts in the legislative process.  The goal of the UASD is to represent the interests of districts by informing legislators of your needs and interests, and by positively influencing the legislative process on behalf of districts and the citizens of the State of Utah whom we serve.

2020 Legislative Resources

Members of the Association may access 2020 Legislative Session resources by entering their user name and password.  If you have forgotten your user name or password, click on the "Contact Us" link to send a message to the webmaster referencing the problem.

If you are not already registered as a user, you will be prompted to create a user name and password to view all legislative resources.  If your district is not yet a member of the Association, we invite you to create a user name and password.  Begin today to participate in all of the benefits of membership by unifying with districts throughout Utah and become a member today!

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