Our Mission is to Promote the proper and efficient operation of all Local and Special Service Districts in the State of Utah

Advocating for and serving Utah's Districts

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Legislative Resources

The 2020 Legislative Interim meetings will begin in May.  We invite, encourage and welcome the involvement of all districts in the legislative process.

Local and Special Service Districts

The UASD is dedicated to advocating and strengthening local and special service district governance by providing services and support to its members.

UASD Members

Resources are intended to assist board members and management.

Latest News

  • 2020 UASD Annual Convention  
    CANCELLED due to COVID-19

    Time to mark your calendar for the 2021 Annual UASD Convention!  The Convention will be held on November 4th through the 6th at the Utah Valley Convention Center in Provo.  

  • 2020 Interim Legislative Session

    The 2020 Interim Session of the Utah State Legislature will begin in May,. on the 3rd Wednesday.  Many important issues affecting districts will be addressed.  Stay involved by meeting with your legislators, informing them of the services that you provide, how you stay connected with the citizens whom you serve, and answering questions that they may have regarding your district.

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  • 2020 General Legislative Session - UASD Analysis of Important Legislation

    Many bills affecting districts were passed during the 2020 General Legislative Session.  Learn about the many changes in Utah law that affect you.

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  • Procurement - State Purchasing Contracts

    Is your district utilizing State Purchasing Contracts?  Consider taking advantage of accessing the power and benefit of acquiring goods and services through State Purchasing Contracts.  Can't find the one you need?  Let us know.  We may be able to facilitate one to meet your needs.

Advocating for and serving Utah's Districts

More Information

Division of Purchasing News

BROWN BAG LEARNING SERIES.  Learn about Procurement Code Updates.  Facilitated by the Utah Division of Purchasing,.

Take advantage of the resources, contracts and assistance available from the Utah State Division of Purchasing and General Services

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Purchasing Procedures and Policy Template

The Purchasing Policy and Procedures Template is available to districts who are members of the Association at no charge.

Districts may Join UASD by clicking on the "Join UASD" link and submitting the membership application.  Districts may create a website login now. 

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History of Districts in Utah

In 1790, the first district was formed in the United States of America for the purpose of providing prison services. In 1898, Utah’s first district for library services was formed. As we know them today, the first district in Utah was formed as a drainage district sometime before statehood. Since 1913, the Utah Code has continuously carried specific authorization for the formation of districts.

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