Training Opportunities

TRAINING RESOURCES for meet training requirements. 

•     Open Meetings Training Annual Requirement, Online Resource

•    St. Auditor Board Member Training - Required once each term of office

Required Board-Member Training and Certification

Utah State Law requires that the presiding officer of a government entity provide training for all public officials on the Open Meetings Act each year.  This training requirement can be fulfilled by attending a training event sponsored by the UASD, or by the Utah State Auditors Office when addressing this topic.  Specific training on this topic is also provided each year at the UASD Annual Convention.  Districts may also arrange for training by contacting the UASD, or by district legal counsel, etc.

For those board members who also serve as an elected official of a city, town or county, open meetings training can also be obtained from UAC or from the League of Cities and Towns.

Board members may also access training via the Online Training Portal provided by the Office of the State Auditor.  This training is received, and  a comprehension test administered and submitted ONLINE only.

Additional Board Member Training for Special and Local Service Districts

In addition, the statute requires that newly appointed or elected district board members receive training within one year of appointment or election to each term of office.  The required training has been created by the State Auditors Office in cooperation with the Utah Association of Special Districts.  This training requirement may be fulfilled by attending the training events listed above, or at the UASD Annual Convention.

This training is designed to help governing boards increase their understanding of their role, functions, and responsibilities.  It is the intent of the Legislature, the Office of the Utah State Auditor, and the Utah Association of Special Districts to encourage board members to participate in this training to enhance governance and accountability of special service and local districts. In addition, UCA 17B-1-312 requires board members to complete this training within one year of taking office.  This training is required to be taken once during each term of office.

District board members may also receive the required training via Online training available through the State Auditors Office website, followed by taking a Comprehension Test.  Doing so will fulfill the annual open meetings and periodic training requirements for district board members.

If a board member is unable to access the online portal, they may access the Little Manual , and may print and complete a copy of the Little Manual Comprehension Test.  The completed test may then be submitted to the Utah State Auditors Office via email, fax, or by US mail.

Records Officer Training and Certification

Click on the link above to access the required annual training for district records officers.


Fred Finlinson prepared a number of very useful documents that will be of assistance as districts digest and integrate the new procurement requirements into district policies and procedures.

The Association has developed a Procurement Rules Template for member districts, that districts may use as a guide in adopting procurement rules as required by statute.

The Utah State Division of Purchasing & General Services has provided some online resources for state agencies.  Some of these resources may be helpful to districts.  For example, there are some training resources that address State Cooperative Contracts that may be useful.  Click here to access training resources.

UASD Code of Ethical Conduct

Members of the Association and Members of the Board of District Representatives and of Trustees pledge to uphold the Association’s Code of Ethical Conduct as follows:

  • To maintain high standards of personal and professional integrity, truthfulness, honesty, and fortitude in all public activities to inspire public confidence and trust in Districts as units of local government.
  • To accept responsibility for and to generate and carefully nurture respect for the truth, for fair dealing with others, for sensitivity to rights and responsibilities of citizens, and for the good of all Districts as units of local government.
  • To be responsible for performance and to never compromise honesty and integrity for advancement, honors or personal gain.
  • To be discreet and respectful of proper authority and our elected or appointed leaders and to be sensitive to the expectations and values of the public we serve.
  • To avoid any interest or activity which is, or appears to be in conflict with the conduct of official duties.
  • To ensure that, in every instance, operations are conducted in accordance with applicable laws and regulations governing Districts.
  • To use only legal and ethical means when seeking to influence legislation or regulations and to issue no false or misleading statements to legislators or to the public.
  • To utilize every opportunity to improve public awareness and understanding of Districts and their role in providing essential public services.
  • To refrain from the dissemination of any malicious information concerning individuals, other associations and organizations and their members, public entities or units of local government.