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2016 General Legislative Session OVERVIEW

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The 2016 General Legislative Session  concluded at midnight, March 10th.  Click on the "Legislature" link to access legislative information.  There were many important, difficult, and challenging issues that were addressed during the session.  Many issues will be continuing issues during the 2016 Interim Session.  Click here to download the UASD 2016 Annual Bill Review, analyzing important bills affecting districts and stay tuned!

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Purchasing Procedures and Policy Template

The Purchasing Policy and Procedures Template is available to districts who are members of the Association at no charge.  

Districts may Join UASD by clicking on the Join UASD link, downloading, completing and submitting the membership application with the appropriate payment of dues.  Member districts may then create a member login.  The "Create one"  link is found on the homepage in the Members Login box on the homepage.

Non-member districts may purchase the template from the UASD at a cost of $1,000.  Please submit a request through the "Contact Us" link requesting the template and  arrangements will be made for payment and receipt of the Purchasing Policy Template.

The following items are available for download.

Explanation for the use of the Purchasing Procedures and Policy Template

Purchasing Policy and Procedures Template

Sample Resolution for adoption of Purchasing Policy and Procedures





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The Mission of the 

Utah Association of Special Districts

is to:

  • Promote the proper and efficient operation of all Local Districts and Special Service Districts in the State of Utah.

  • Assist Districts in fulfilling their respective Missions in an effective manner.

  • Help government and public officials better understand why Local Districts and Special Service Districts are organized.

  • Promote Local District and Special Service District awareness.

  • Provide training to board members, management and staff.

  • Provide legislative input and advocacy.

  • Provide updates of current laws and regulations.


Code of Ethical Conduct

Members of the Association and Members of the Board of District Representatives and of Trustees pledge to uphold the Association’s Code of Ethical Conduct as follows:

• To maintain high standards of personal and professional integrity, truthfulness, honesty, and fortitude in all public activities to inspire public confidence and trust in Districts as units of local government.

• To accept responsibility for and to generate and carefully nurture respect for the truth, for fair dealing with others, for sensitivity to rights and responsibilities of citizens, and for the good of all Districts as units of local government.

• To be responsible for performance and to never compromise honesty and integrity for advancement, honors or personal gain.

• To be discreet and respectful of proper authority and our elected or appointed leaders and to be sensitive to the expectations and values of the public we serve.

• To avoid any interest or activity which is, or appears to be in conflict with the conduct of official duties.

• To ensure that, in every instance, operations are conducted in accordance with applicable laws and regulations governing Districts.

• To use only legal and ethical means when seeking to influence legislation or regulations and to issue no false or misleading statements to legislators or to the public.

• To utilize every opportunity to improve public awareness and understanding of Districts and their role in providing essential public services.

• To refrain from the dissemination of any malicious information concerning individuals, other associations and organizations and their members, public entities or units of local government.