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Advocating for and serving Utah's Districts

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2016 Legislative Resources

We invite, encourage and welcome the involvement of all districts in the legislative process.

Local and Special Service Districts

The UASD is dedicated to advocating and strengthening special district governance by providing services and support to its members.

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Resources are intended to assist board members and management.

Advocating for and serving Utah's Districts

Latest News

  • Division of Purchasing Newsletters

    The Division of Purchasing & General Services is one of the many divisions within the Department of Administrative Services.

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  • Utah State Auditor Local Government and Accounting Newsletter

    Newsletter fromt he Office of the Utah state Auditor

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  • 2016 Annual Convention - Details!

    Location and time for the UASD Annual Convention.

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  • 2016 General Legislative Session - UASD Analysis of Important Legislation

    The Legislative Session concluded on Thursday, March 10th at midnight. The UASD is on the Hill every day throughout the Legislative Session representing the interests of all districts in the State of Utah!

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More Information

2016 Interim Legislative Session

The 2016 General Legislative Session concluded at midnight, March 10th. Click on the "Legislature" link to access legislative information. There were many important, difficult, and challenging issues that were addressed during the session. Many issues will be continuing issues during the 2016 Interim Session.

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Purchasing Procedures and Policy Template

The Purchasing Policy and Procedures Template is available to districts who are members of the Association at no charge.

Districts may Join UASD by clicking on the Join UASD link, downloading, completing and submitting the membership application with the appropriate payment of dues. Member districts may then create a member login. The "Create one" link is found on the homepage in the Members Login box on the homepage.

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History of Districts in Utah

In 1790, the first district was formed in the United States of America for the purpose of providing prison services. In 1898, Utah’s first district for library services was formed. As we know them today, the first district in Utah was formed as a drainage district sometime before statehood. Since 1913, the Utah Code has continuously carried specific authorization for the formation of districts.

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