UASD Membership Benefits and Services

Membership Services

There is an ever-increasing need for comprehensive governance training in special districts. State statutes governing special districts require training of board members and management relating to a variety of issues, including the Open Meetings law and GRAMA requirements.

An understanding of changes to the Ethics law is most important, particularly in light of criminal penalties that have been added or increased in the Ethics and Open Meetings laws.

The employment of best management practices has been and continues to be a focus of legislators, as well as the Legislative Auditor General in audit requests of Local and Special Service Districts. The training provided by the UASD addresses these important issues and fulfills the training requirements enumerated in statute.

Currently the UASD website is undergoing a substantial re-design. New features will be added that will provide useful management resources for member districts. These resources are intended to assist management and board members in increasing their effectiveness in complying with the many statutory requirements that exist.

Membership Services include the following items:

  • On-site training
  • Model policies and procedures
  • Web site members-only section
  • Resource library
  • Newsletter
  • Problem-solving assistance
  • Public-relations assistance
Legislative Services & Governmental Relations

UASD is the only voice on Capitol Hill that is representing and fighting for all of Utah's local and special service districts, regardless of the services provided, or their affiliation with other organizations.

The UASD reviews and monitors every bill that is introduced for its potential impact on Utah's local and special service districts. This represents a continual effort throughout the year, including the full-time legislative session and the interim legislative session. Any bills requiring action are quickly brought to the attention of the UASD Legislative Committee and Board of Directors in order to determine a position on each respective issue. The bills are then lobbied accordingly.

The UASD is involved in collaborative efforts between all local government service providers, such as the Utah League of Cities and Towns, and the Utah Association of Counties. These relationships create a strong force in addressing common issues faced by special districts.

Legislative Services and Governmental Relations include the following items:

Legislative Services

  • Direct access to the Legislature
  • Constant monitoring of the legislative process
  • Monitoring of state rule making
  • Participation in coalitions
  • Education of Legislators
  • Coordination with affiliated organizations
  • Comprehensive weekly legislative update during the general legislative session
  • Representation and updates as needed during the interim legislative session

Governmental Relations

  • Liaison with State agencies
  • Advocacy with State departments
  • Constituent affairs
  • Information and education on audit issues
  • Referrals for funding sources