Board of Trustees

Eleven trustees with alternating 4-year terms are elected at the UASD annual business meeting to serve on the board by the Association membership.  These elections are held every other year.  Board members must be an employee or board member of a member district in good standing.

UASD board membership includes five ex-officio members appointed by the Board of Trustees from among the professional community that serves the needs of districts.  An ex-officio member must be an Associate Member in good standing to serve on the board.

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Mark Becraft, Past Chair

381 North 3150 West , West Point, UT

Rodney Banks, 1st Vice Chair, Chair elect

5440 South Freeway Park Drive , Riverdale, UT
(801) 825-9744

Corey Cram, Chair

1410 South 160 West , Hurricane, UT

Jeff Richens, 2nd Vice Chair

265 South Fairgrounds Road , Price, UT

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