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Granger Hunter Improvement District

2888 South 3600 West P.O. Box 701110 West Valley City, UT 84119

Granger-Hunter Improvement District (GHID) was organized in 1950 and currently provides water and sewer services to a population of approximately 120,000 in a 24.5 square mile area in the central portion of Salt Lake County. The District employs 66 people and operates and maintains more than 364 miles of water lines, eight storage reservoirs, eight deep water wells, approximately 350 miles of sewer collection lines and seventeen sewer pump stations. The District continues to upgrade its infrastructure to ensure that these assets are maintained in proper working order and that they comply with all state and federal regulations.

In 1953 Granger-Hunter had 312 connections. By 1960, the number of connections grew to 3,149. In the three decades that followed, GHID grew to more than 20,000 connections. At the end of 2010, the total number of connections had risen to approximately 26,861.

To keep up with the continual growth, in 1978 the District entered into an inter-local agreement with 2 cities and 4 improvement districts to construct the Central Valley Water Reclamation Facility. This facility processes all of the wastewater for Granger-Hunter.

In addition to its own water sources, GHID has entered into a contract to purchase culinary water from Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District. For the year ending 12/31/2010, Granger-Hunter purchased 18,455 acre feet (or 6,013,580,205 gallons). At the same time, GHID produced water from its own wells totaling 5,809 acre feet (or 1,892,868,459 gallons).

The District’s mission is to provide high value to our customers through effective, courteous and responsive service in the delivery of high quality drinking water, and safe collection of sanitary sewer.
This is accomplished by adhering to the core values that include:

Service - We care about our customers and make every reasonable effort to meet or exceed their expectations. We strive for excellence and are sensitive to the diversity of customers in our service area.

Integrity - We strive to be ethical and accountable for all our actions.

Quality - We hold to the highest standards in what we do, and what we deliver.

Safety - We work continually to find ways to minimize risk to ourselves and others.

Stewardship - We take seriously the charge to manage the water-related services we provide and the impact on the environment.

Fiscal Responsibility - We exercise responsible financial management to ensure fair cost structures and rates.

Sustainability - We believe in learning from our past, thriving in the present and preparing for the future to provide high quality drinking water, safe sanitary sewer collection and to be prepared for the unexpected.

Leadership - We promote a workforce that is well-trained, efficient and accountable. We are a leader in our industry by employing innovative practices and sharing what we learn with others. We respond to employees and others in a respectful, dignified and caring manner thus creating an environment that encourages diversity and values all point of view.


Salt Lake County

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Clint Jensen  

Phone (801) 968-3551