Utah State Archives

Utah State Archives provides a variety of resources for districts in their management of public records.  A few items are listed below.

Records Officer Training and Certification

As of January 1st, 2013, all government entities in the State of Utah must provide the name of the entities records officer to State Archives.  The name of that individual is listed on the website of Utah State Archives.  The records officer of each entity must complete training provided by Utah State Archives annually.  The training is now available online.  

Upon completion of the training, the records officer must successfully complete a test on the material on which they were trained.  The Utah State Archives website reflects the date on which the records officer completed the training and successfully completed the test.  Upon expiration, the records officer must again take the training and pass the test.  The certification date is again updated to reflect expiration one year following completion of the training.

Utah State Archives Website

Click Here to access the Utah State Archives Online Training and Certification website, as well as in-person training opportunities.

Records Storage

Are you running out of space to store public records?  Are you concerned and wondering how to store these records properly?  Is storage cost a concern?  There may be a solution to your problem.

Records Storage options are available and are offered by Utah State Archives.  ...AT NO COST TO YOUR DISTRICT!